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CLOVERSOFT Unbleached Bamboo Anti-Bacterial Wipe 40 Sheets

 CLOVERSOFT Unbleached Bamboo Anti-Bacterial Wipe 40 Sheets
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Size 40 sheet
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Lab Tested.
Kills 99.9% Bacterial like E.
Coli & Staph, germs that can live on surfaces.

Made from 100% Unbleached Bamboo, CloverSoft AntiBacterial Wipes are made using certified organic and plant based ingredients.
The wipes are also thicker and larger than the usual wipes.

Triple Care Benefits:
(1) Kills up to 99.9% of Bacteria
(2) Protects dryness of skin
(3) Moisturizes your skin for hours

Ideal for cleaning babies’ high chairs, toys, teethers, pacifiers, table tops and appliances.
Dermatologist Tested, safe for direct contact On children over 12 months, suitable for use before meal times & during outdoor activities.

* Certified Organic Aloe Vera By EcoCert
* Free of Alcohol, Chlorine, Phthalates, Paraben, Phenoxyethanol & Formaldehyde.
* Unscented, Non-Toxic