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MONSTER Clarity NLite 200 Wireless Earbuds (Pk)

 MONSTER Clarity NLite 200 Wireless Earbuds (Pk)
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Order Code: 2170591
Model: N-Lite 200
Unit: PC
Availability: Pre-Order
Size 164x104x46mm (240g)
Color Pink

• Wireless earbuds exceptional sound quality with blue
tooth 5.
0 technology.
• Allows sound to be transmitted to both ears at the same
time with very low latency.
• Crystal-clear call quality
• Beamforming microphone
• Bone-conduction sensor provide clear voice detection
even in noisy environments.
• Touch function, you can easily control it without operating
your phone.
• Providing convenient wireless charging or USB.
• Earbuds Playtime lasts for over 4.5 hours from single
charge and total 21 hours with charging case.