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MAX TEA Matcha Latte (Green Tea) 20g x 15's

 MAX TEA Matcha Latte (Green Tea) 20g x 15's
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Order Code: 2236436
Model: NA
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Size 20g x 15 sachets
Color NA

Made for all matcha lovers, the MaxTea Matcha Latte emanates a resounding green tea fragrance with a pleasant and soothing taste.
With the distinct flavour of matcha dancing on the palate, matcha connoisseurs would be delighted with the velvety cream that coats your mouth that comes along with this comforting drink for the champion in the morning.
Moreover, MaxTea Matcha Latte also provides a plethora of nutrition to the great taste (Protein, Fat, Calories, Carbohydrates, Sugar and Sodium) from the natural goodness such as skimmed milk, coconut oil and high-quality matcha green tea powder.