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MILO 2-in-1 Activ-Go Calcium Plus, 12's

 MILO 2-in-1 Activ-Go Calcium Plus, 12's
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Order Code: 1999076
Model: 12284484
Unit: PKT
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Size 30g x 12 sachets
Brand Nestle
Color NA

MILO contains ACTIV-GO, giving you a nutritious start everyday
• Stay energized with PROTOMALT, a unique malt extract found only in MILO.
It naturally contains carbohydrates, giving you energy to go further
• Packed with nutrients (Vitamins B2, B3, B6, B12 and calcium) which are essential in energy production and support the development of strong bones.
• Helps build strong bones and teeth as one cup of MILO contains 22% of a child’s* recommended daily calcium intake.
*of a child aged 7-10yo